[Vlog] The Cloud is Just Better at Cybersecurity

Our mobile devices connect us to the world, to our banks, our emails, our Netflix subscriptions, and quirky OK Google/Siri commands. Like it or not, mobile devices and connected wearable tech are also changing your customer relationships with building and connectivity requirements for physical security in general. However, more connectivity necessitates a greater focus on cyber threat prevention.

Vigilant cybersecurity best practice can not be an afterthought to physical security installation. It should instead be the foundation of a complete solution.

Unfortunately, if you are still selling on-prem solutions you are unable to provide some of the additional cybersecurity benefits of cloud-based access control.

We know both you and your customers have questions, and we are here to help.

As an integrator, you already know the pros and cons of on-prem access control solutions, but have you considered what it would take to implement a robust and up-to-date cybersecurity threat prevention?

Fortunately ACaaS (Access Control as a Service) provides a distinct advantage over on-prem systems in this regard. Brivo invests heavily in cybersecurity threat prevention, allowing for real-time security updates and distribution. This helps empower your customers with the lead cyber security best practice, easily scalable security solutions, and improved security audit capabilities.

Want to learn more about how to explain and position the cybersecurity benefits of cloud-based access control? Hear from Brivo COO John Szczygiel here: