The Continued Evolution of The Vacation Rental

Let’s face it, no one wants to stay at a hotel anymore. We are forever scarred by the pandemic year. We are not only tired of being at our homes but also have no desire to go to hotels just yet. Germs everywhere, everything feels like a threat: elevators, cleaning crews, lobby surfaces, BREAKFAST BUFFETS. The overwhelming sentiment towards hotels is a big, no thanks.

This shift is major and vacation rentals are seeing non-stop busy seasons. This is fantastic for property management companies bottom line, but is probably throwing new management challenges in the mix. 

Property managers have responded to increased consumer expectations by ‘professionalizing their operations, strengthening housekeeping protocols, communication programs, and remote work coordination. As vacation rentals continue to attract new travelers and carve out more market share, it’s important that operators don’t take their foot off the gas.

Just like vacation rental properties changed the travel game, cloud-based vacation rental management solutions are making your job easier and creating much more enjoyable customer experiences for vacationers. 

The Next Evolution

There are multiple Vacation Rental management solutions out there and they each specialize in different aspects of property management and upkeep. To get to the next level of Vacation Rental property management, Brivo builds it’s solutions with an open API to allow easy integration with other property technology solutions. Together with our API partners, like Breezeway, we are able to provide powerful solutions for our customers that make managing properties easier and keep vacationers coming back for more.  

A Bit About Breezeway

Delivering detailed property preparation is difficult, and short-term rental managers spend a lot of time coordinating operational tasks. This includes scheduling teams, tracking property details, monitoring work over multiple locations, and ensuring internal service standards are met. As guests continue to expect perfectly prepared properties and customized service, the complexities of property management continue to rise. This is where Breezeway comes in.

Breezeway’s property operations and service software helps coordinate, communicate, and verify detailed work at each property, and deliver the best service experience to guests and homeowners. Combining deep learning technology, robust property data, smart messaging, and mobile-first task management, Breezeway has powered over 5M property care tasks at short-term rental properties. Created by the founder of FlipKey (acquired by TripAdvisor), the Breezeway team is building the future of property care and service.

Together, Brivo and Breezeway help streamline property managers’ day-to-day processes.  Breezeway automates your daily operations, and Brivo manages your guest access experience. Our solutions working in tandem are cost-effective and will eliminate the need for you to have to control these functions manually. 

Breezeway recently closed their annual property operations survey and found that guest communication was the primary way managers plan on differentiating their brand moving forward. The trend for more proactive engagement throughout a guest’s stay is accelerating, and Breezeway offers a stand-alone guest texting product. The tool makes it easy for operators to send bulk messages, resolve in-house issues, share status updates on maintenance and concierge services, and offer guests stay extensions when there are gaps in between reservations.

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