Tenant Experience is Key to CRE Differentiation

Modern, Fluid Access Can Set You Apart

There are plenty of buzz words around access and ‘new’ forms of access control—things like frictionless, touchless, effortless, and more. However, these terms boil down to one thing–creating the most accessible, most fluid tenant experience possible while keeping assets and people secure. 

Real estate owners, developers, and property managers are all seeking ways to differentiate themselves. Finding ways that create more open, collaborative, and value-driven experiences for the tenants they serve. For example, in a recent collaboration between RXR Real Estate and McKinsey & Company, RXR CEO said: 

“Real estate is no longer just about four walls and relying on location for value appreciation. Instead, it’s about creating a unique, personalized customer experience that fosters meaningful interactions, collaboration, [and] productivity. Delivering this will require a unique combination of capabilities that seamlessly integrate across the physical and digital realms.”

Physical security and how tenants, visitors, and customers access and move throughout the property are vital parts of that overall experience. Creating more open access paths that reduce barriers but still maintain a high degree of security can provide the modern experience.

Many Options to Reduce Friction

Let’s face it, keeping track of one, two, or more physical badges to access various parts of a building can be a drag. However, there are a few ways that property managers can reduce this hassle and deliver more convenient ways for tenants to move about the building.

Mobile Credentials

Mobile credentials solve several challenges better than traditional physical credentials. First, they live on your phone. The one device that we do not leave our home, car, desk without is our phone. It’s always with us. We’re addicted to them. Using the phone as your credential means that employees don’t have to remember to carry along a second credential–a badge on a lanyard around their neck, hooked to a retractable string on their belt, or other intrusive measures of always having your badge with you. Your mobile device is always with you, so you’ve always got it. 

The second area where mobile credentials provide convenience is that with Bluetooth, wifi, and cellular technology on the access control devices, aka readers, users can activate within a given proximity. For example, it’s easy and convenient to walk straight from the elevator, tap a button on your phone, and the door unlocks all within stride. Removing the extra steps may not sound like a big deal, but the ultimate goal is to have secure access that doesn’t inhibit the user from focusing on stopping, finding their badge and walking to a reader then opening a door. 

Brivo Fluid Access

The ultimate realization of user convenience creates that open experience without compromising on security. Imagine this. Tenants enter a building, get on the elevator, enter an office suite lobby door and access their corner office without removing a badge, phone, or any other credential throughout that journey. It sounds like a utopia for the modern office worker, right? No hassles, no credentials to fool with, just able to move about as they need to get their job done.

Sounds great, but the security folks reading that last scenario are thinking, ‘whoa, that’s not security.’ It is the vision of security for the future – available today. Brivo Fluid Access combines our industry-leading cloud-based access control solution with modern hardware and software that allow users to move fluidly through the facility while ensuring it is secure. The user can only “move” where they are supposed to be. 

How? Fluid Access enables users to utilize mobile credentials, mobile technology (widgets and more), modern OSDP readers to communicate and make access decisions without the user needing to pull their phone out of their pocket or bag. The same access controls are in place through this connection as you would expect with traditional physical credentials or a standard mobile credential, but enabled through sophisticated technology that simplifies the tenant experience throughout the building. 

Brivo’s Fluid Access gives tenants movement without friction and removes barriers that disrupt, or at least are an inconvenience, in their day-to-day work life. For the security team, you maintain control and security for the property with the best cloud-based physical security solution available. And at a deeper level, you get to be the hero for your tenants and colleagues. By moving to Fluid Access, you’ve positively impacted their operations, showcasing your partnership with the business users to make their lives easier.

Brivo Fluid Access is one example of how Brivo elevates the tenant experience for the modern built world.

Brivo Fluid Access & Brivo Smart Readers enable a modern, convenient, fluid tenant experience.