Sustainability: Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference

When we think about sustainability, we usually think about reducing carbon footprints and being more energy-efficient to combat global warming. Many wide-reaching global initiatives are at the forefront of the news and stand as a reminder of the importance of keeping a balance between earth’s resources and human consumption.  

Why is sustainability important?

Sustainability in its simplest form means meeting current needs without compromising future needs – ensuring that you are not making decisions today that endanger future generations. This concept can take many forms, both global and grandiosity as well as local and impactful. 

Sustainability and Brivo 

Brivo is committed to sustainability and protecting the environment. Our suite of products helps companies improve their sustainability goals. For instance, access control data can be integrated into energy management systems to better manage energy consumption. Environmental thermostats and controls in multifamily properties can help save energy by optimizing temperatures at the individual unit level. 

We create products that help our customers operate their systems more efficiently and reduce power consumption. We’ve been RoHS compliant for years to help reduce hazardous waste. We use recyclable materials in our packaging as much as possible. 

We also offer a company environment where we encourage employees to volunteer time by providing time off to help in their community. We believe in corporate responsibility, sustainability, and reducing energy consumption. Our offices are located in urban environments to support walking, biking, or public transit to the office, they are equipped with energy-efficient lighting and automatic controls, and we recycle. 

But what more can we do? 

This Earth Day, we are committing to focus more on sustainability and to continue to find ways to improve and to raise awareness, encourage participation, and train employees. As a small step forward, in honor of Earth Day, we have adopted two 30-inch garden rows at the Charles Koiner Conservancy for Urban Farming, a local land trust close to our headquarters in Maryland. The Koiner Urban Farm supports land stewardship, farm management, and urban farming and the sponsorship help cover the costs associated with planting, caring, and harvesting the crops in these rows. We are also exploring larger commitments to additional earth-friendly causes. 

We plan to initiate an employee resource group to focus on sustainability and review our current policies to make recommendations on what else we can do to improve. Similar to our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion commitments, we look to foster stewardship within our company to make a difference. Today is perhaps the beginning of our path to change, but the journey of 1000 miles starts with the first steps.