See the Unseen Using Anomaly Detection With Priority Alerts

Advanced AI technology that identifies events that may go unnoticed to help you protect your business

Remember when your kids were in daycare? There was a strict routine. You would drop them off by 8:00 a.m. so you could get to work by 9:00 a.m. and pick them up between 5:00 and 5:30 p.m. But remember those days when you would pick up your kids early and everyone was surprised to see you. Why? Because it was anomalous behavior that they weren’t used to.

Now magnify that same situation at scale with an enterprise organization with tens of thousands of employees across many offices, states and countries. It is nearly impossible for security and risk organizations to know the normal patterns of each individual at that scale and know when something happens out of the ordinary—even if it is within the bounds of what the user is allowed to do.

This exact problem is what Brivo’s new Anomaly Detection technology solves. Our advanced AI engine uses a neural network to learn the access behavior patterns of each individual and create a priority alert for the security group to investigate. Detected anomalies are surfaced in the Brivo Access Event Tracker as a priority alert for quick reference as administrators are managing their day-to-day operations. When they see an anomalous activity, they know that there is something out-of-the-ordinary happening. Because the AI engine is tuned to each individual and not broad company or facility-based policies, the alert is more accurate and thereby reduces false positives.

Why is this technology useful?

Access control is paramount to keeping your people and assets safe. However, with hundreds of thousands of access events occurring in a large organization every day, it is hard to cut through the noise to identify activities that may be allowed under the policy, but that are out of the ordinary and could pose a potential business risk. We believe access events will only grow as organizations move to more hybrid working models in the post-COVID era, creating fluctuation in traffic patterns and making it even more difficult for security teams to identify activities that skew outside of the new norm.

Anomaly detection with priority alerts gives customers a hot-list of unusual events to investigate. Besides the obvious workflow improvement, the algorithms provide an additional layer of security by flagging events that may have otherwise gone completely unnoticed.

Brivo’s advanced AI anomaly detection technology within the Brivo Access platform is unlike any other access control solution. Anomaly Detection is available to Brivo Access Enterprise Editions customers.

Brivo’s new Anomaly Detection