Security Innovation for the Past 20 Years and the Future

For the past 20 years, Brivo has revolutionized the physical security industry by providing cloud-based solutions. These years of experience and platform development mean Brivo has led the charge to change the way we think about protecting people, properties and assets. As security needs evolve, Brivo’s mission to improve user experiences means a continued focus on mobile enhancements, integrated solutions, access to actionable data and the cybersecurity of a physical security platform. 

Revolutionary Achievements for the Past 20 Years

In the early 2000s, the security industry was dominated by on-premise client-server technology, but Brivo recognized the potential and overall security benefits of moving to the cloud. The founders saw Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) as a better way to provide a multi-tenant access control platform for both end users and integrators.

Brivo also wanted to solve common industry pain points by providing easy-to-integrate security systems, taking the hassle off of internal IT/security teams, reducing expensive truck rolls to customer locations and delivering cybersecurity. Founded in 1999, the company began the journey of physical security innovation in 2000.

The goal at Brivo is Simply Better Security. We continue to create a platform that is simple to purchase, learn and use. We want to elevate the industry with better products, operations and services. And, we want to deliver security that protects people, properties and data. Cybersecurity is another major area of focus in how we build products, deploy applications and manage our internal teams. More than ten years of SOC audits underscore our commitment to protecting customer privacy and data security.

The Vision for 2020

Today, the Brivo cloud platform has over 20 million users in 42 countries. With a major foothold in the SMB space, Brivo also provides integrated security solutions to more than 200 Fortune 500 companies. Brivo is unifying the security experience across access control, mobile credentials, video surveillance, identity federation, visitor management, smart building automation and elevator control.

With no plans of slowing down for the next 20 years, Brivo looks to bring physical security to new heights of innovation that transform multifamily properties and commercial organizations. 

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