Use Physical Security To Build a Solid Foundation For Your Multifamily Property

Perhaps the most basic human need – even more than food and shelter – is safety. If you did not feel safe, wouldn’t you move on to find a place that felt safe first and foremost?

Without creating a safe and secure environment in your buildings, your residents will never be satisfied or stay at your property long-term. According to Schlage and Wakefield Research of U.S. multifamily renters, 63% would move out of an apartment due to a lack of security.

Listen up property managers: we know your first priority is your residents’ safety. The good news is there are physical security solutions available that ensure only authorized people have access to your building. The best part is that these newer cloud-based solutions have mobile conveniences that make them even more attractive to your residents.

It’s important to think of new technology as building on a hierarchy of residents’ needs. Before you invest in features like smart thermostats or hands-free voice home control, the first step is physical security and safety. If you implement an access control solution that has mobile capabilities and easily integrates with other cloud-based building solutions, you can create the most comprehensive building platform and best resident experience. 

These are the solutions to implement and integrate at this first stage:

  • Cloud-based access control to replace brass keys or on-premise server-based systems
  • Mobile credentials that allow staff and residents to open doors with their smartphones 
  • Video to watch external doors and better understand access control events 
  • Lockdown to immediately secure access points in case of an emergency
  • Wireless locks on the perimeter and unit-level doors
  • Visitor entry systems to easily and securely allow residents to grant access to visitors from their phone

The major benefit of adding cloud-based access control technology at this stage is that it addresses the fundamental need for security on a platform known for infinite scalability, reliable system features, cyber secure technology and simple mobile apps. 

The access control technology you choose to secure your building influences the way your property connects with residents and the way they interact with your space. Make sure to look for solutions that are easy and intuitive for your residents to use, have mobile capabilities, and help you to manage property security efficiently and effectively. 

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