Mobile Credentials: The Keyless Solution To Unlock Additional Revenue

The security landscape is shifting. Can you feel it? Much like your Motorola Pager, lock-and-key and the jingling key rings that come along with it are relics of the past. 

Why? Mobile credentials are setting the standard, creating the demand, and becoming a critical differentiator.

Here’s why you should sell mobile credentials in your business for long-term success.

Compete with Newer Technology: Mobile integrations for Facility Management

Mobile integrations allow you to control access using existing applications. If you want to secure bigger jobs or offer easy package upgrades, then consider selling mobile credentials as demand is increasing at both the enterprise and mid-size business segment. 

Additionally, facility management is becoming more integrated with IT Departments and being able to offer the efficiency, convenience and added security of mobile credentials will help you offer solutions to both facility management and IT Departments. 

For example: Facility managers can administer the system from their mobile devices and don’t need to be on location to manage their facilities. Administrators can unlock the doors to the facility and view camera footage from the facility on their mobile device. This eliminates the massive hassle of managing locked out employees,  administrative costs of rekeying,, and provides an even greater level of data and security that can integrate with other employee management systems. Best of all, it requires very little overhead on your part.

As you can see, mobile credentials create an entirely new commercial landscape. Are you ready to take part? Learn how you can increase your recurring monthly revenue with mobile credentials.