Keep Your Healthcare Facility Safe Now and in the Future

Panicked patients, overpopulated facilities, and lack of resources are just some of the many challenges that you face as a healthcare professional during these unprecedented times. Your physical safety is not something you should have to worry about, so how do you help mitigate potential healthcare facility security issues in your building? 

Our recent guide, Security Best Practices for Essential Health Facilities, identifies the immediate steps you, the facility or security manager, can take to keep your essential people and facilities safe and the tools you need to get there. 

Unique Challenges to Healthcare Facility Security

Hospitals are always open to the public, but still have areas that must remain restricted. Now more than ever, it is critical to manage access to restricted locations efficiently. 

Unlike hospitals, non-emergency healthcare facilities might be on a limited schedule or shut down completely. Those facilities still need to be managed and monitored. 

Healthcare facilities have never been more critical. No matter what type of healthcare facility you manage, you need to be in control and understand what is happening within the facility at all times. The way to ensure that is through remote facility monitoring and control. 

Remote Facility Control 

The right access control solution allows you, the facility and security managers, to enforce restrictions to vulnerable areas and maintain control and surveillance of the building remotely. You remain in control from anywhere by setting schedules that specify access times by doors or groups of people, and by quickly updating those permissions via smartphone or tablet. 

Your smart device now has the ability to:

  • Manage user access any time and unlock doors from any location
  • View live door activity and record video footage
  • Initiate lockdown of door(s) or entire area
  • Arm and disarm alarm panels, and more

In order to fight this global pandemic, we need to ‘flatten the curve’ by social distancing. Managing access remotely means you can keep eyes on your facility, without being on-site. Facilities operating in a limited capacity can still regulate who has access, to which doors, and when. 

Mobile Credentials For your People

Implementing mobile solutions for your employees and tenants is not only convenient, it adds an additional layer of protection thanks to built-in biometrics on your smartphone. Mobile credentials help limit the amount of physical contact on commonly used surfaces – one tap on their personal smartphone and they’re in. 

While you are tirelessly working to help your people, patients, and facilities safe and secure, Brivo is working to help you. Read our guide, Security Best Practices for Essential Health Facilities, for the healthcare facility security information and tools you need now.