Four Reasons to Digitize your Visitor Management System

Offices aren’t getting many visitors during these days of quarantine. But when they do reopen, visitors will have new expectations.

“In the post-pandemic world, people will expect buildings to minimize health risks,” explains John Szczygiel, EVP and COO of Brivo. “Companies should be preparing now for that new reality.”

In that vein, we’re excited to announce the launch of Brivo Visitor, a solution that minimizes health risks, while maximizing efficiency and safety.

From our perspective, here are the top four reasons Brivo Visitor is worth investing in right now: 


It maximizes efficiency and security

Checking in at a reception or guard desk is usually a time-suck. Brivo Visitor makes that process a thing of the past. 

“Rather than checking-in with a person, our system uses self sign-in, photo capture, badge printing and more,” he says. “Instead of a paper sign-in sheet, Brivo Visitor keeps a running digital log of visitors, complete with mobile notification for the visitor’s host, which is a much better experience and much more secure.”  

Companies can use AirPrint-enabled printers for visitor badges that clearly display identifications, adding another layer of security. 


It minimizes health risks

Brivo Visitor has an option to ask visitors health-screening questions,  such as if they’ve experienced recent illness or have traveled out of the country. 

“Those sorts of questions can help protect the health of everyone in the building, and increasingly, I think they’ll be part of our new standard in security,” Szczygiel says. 

Brivo Visitor also eliminates unnecessary exposure to receptionists or security guards. 

“From now on, I think our society will be more thoughtful about what sorts of human interaction are really necessary, and which are not,” Szczygiel says. “Technology will need to keep those unnecessary interactions at bay, which Brivo Visitor does.” 


It adapts with your business

“What I really like about Brivo Visitor  is that it can be tailored to meet the needs of any business,” Szczygiel adds. “You can tell the system how to handle the check-in process or deliveries, for example.” 

Brivo Visitor — which works in multi-tenant commercial properties and standalone offices — operates on an iPad or kiosk, allowing it to easily blend with office decor. 

It’s a win-win for customers and partners

Brivo Visitor is built on top of Brivo’s flagship security cloud platform, which allows for smooth data integration. 

“This is a win-win for customers and resellers,” Szczygiel points out. “For customers, this is part of the system they already know. For partners , it’s an easy add-on to any new access control system. It can be added to existing accounts remotely, with no truck roll.”

The Brivo Visitor app is distributed via the Apple App Store, and is activated through a subscription available from Brivo authorized resellers.

For more information about Brivo Visitor, visit our product page or our resource page