Four Reasons Facility Managers Switch to Mobile Solutions

Our society becomes more reliant on mobile technology every day. Don’t underestimate the benefits of, and demand for, mobile credentials.

Adopting mobile in your physical security measures can make your facilities run more efficiently and improve customer experience. Here are the four major reasons why facility managers are switching to mobile solutions…

Mobile integrations for Facility Management

Mobile integrations allow you to control access using existing applications. Your branded application can now function as your tenant’s mobile credential as well.

Remote access and management

Facility managers can administer the system from their mobile devices. Control your facility, grant access, and see what is going on at all times from your smartphone. Facility managers don’t need to be on location to manage their facilities and have eyes on them at all times.

Administrators to the access control system can unlock the doors to the facility or log in and grant or revoke access to specific locations or doors remotely in the event of an emergency. They can also view camera footage from the facility on their mobile device.

Convenience for your tenants: Security & Building Automation

Your tenants and customers can use their smartphones to access your building. This eliminates the massive hassle of being locked out if a keycard is lost or stolen. There is also the added layer of biometric protection that is built into smartphones that significantly decreases the chance of someone gaining access when they aren’t authorized in your facility.

Endless possibilities through mobile technology

Mobile technology in the physical security space means more than opening doors remotely. An entirely new commercial landscape is able to exist through this kind of technology.

The promise of the future environments we will work in lies in cloud-based access control and mobile capabilities. Watch this webinar to see how a modern workspace company, Breather, uses Brivo to promote flexible workspaces all over North America.