Brivo Snapshot: Insights from the Fusion of Video and Access Event Data

Here at Brivo, we are once again delivering new revolutionary capabilities to enhance cloud-based access control. Brivo Snapshot is an AI-based capability that speeds the review of visual event information using machine learning to pre-index a fused stream of video and event data. This process reduces the time required to find images of interest by as much as 20X compared to traditional search techniques in stand-alone video or access control systems.

With Brivo Snapshot, customers can flip through a “photo album” of single frames derived from a video associated with an access event, without having to watch a full 30-60 second recording. This enhancement saves customers an incredible amount of time over the course of a day.

The new Brivo Snapshot is the fastest way to confirm that someone entering a space with a credential is actually the person that the credential belongs to. It also provides visual context for many other kinds of events, such as the arrival of visitors, vendors, customers, and tenants. Brivo Snapshot uses machine learning to detect the presence of people by finding the video frame with the highest facial detection score around a specific event. It then extracts and presents this single image along with the underlying video clip.

Brivo Snapshot’s visual log makes it easier to support investigations into access alerts, tailgating events and crowding situations by providing an immediately scrollable catalog of images for past events. This visual history is a one-of-a-kind capability that is simplifying security for Brivo Access customers.

Brivo Snapshot’s AI technology also detects mask presence and usage to determine if they are being worn properly–covering mouth and nose. Mask detection is a common feature many organizations are considering for employee health-safety as they transition from at-home to in-office work, in the post-covid world. Even though many guidelines and CDC recommendations are continuing to evolve, many organizations are expected to continue to require facial coverings, in some capacity, for months to come as we all transition into the post-COVID era.

How can I get Brivo Snapshot?

Brivo Snapshot is included with Professional and Enterprise editions of Brivo Access and available as a stand-alone subscription with supported cameras. Brivo Snapshot can be used with any video stream, but is recommended for Brivo Access Cam and Eagle Eye Networks cameras for the best performance.
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