Introducing Brivo and Camio Integration for Tailgating

Eliminating the Risks of Polite Door-holding

For the average employee, holding a door open for someone is viewed as a polite gesture. Indeed, no one likes to have a door closed in their face, but tailgating, when someone rides along when another employee uses their badge or mobile credentials to gain access, creates substantial risks for organizations.

But tailgating is a complex challenge to solve. It is in our human nature to be polite. So how do we address this issue?

For security-focused organizations looking to detect and deter tailgating as part of their access control program, Brivo and Camio have an integrated solution that leverages existing cameras enhanced with AI capabilities to connect access events with tailgating detection. This integration allows security managers to take appropriate action to reduce security risk. 

Camio and Brivo work together to prevent unauthorized access proactively. How does it work?

Brivo Access ensures that authorized individuals are permitted into the building/space. However, tailgating cannot always be prevented by access control alone. 

Brivo integrated with Camio real-time video search allows organizations to solve for tailgating security risks by automatically detecting tailgating incidents and flagging them for security leaders. 

Camio turns standard 2D cameras into 3D sensors. Without the cost and complexity of installing specialized devices for infrared, laser, or stereoscopic vision. With the Camio and Brivo solution, each time the number of people passing through an entrance is greater than the number of people authorized to enter, Camio triggers a tailgating alert. Authorized security personnel receive alerts via any browser and are able to take immediate action. 

Why choose this integrated solution to detect and deter tailgating?

  • Camio works with Brivo Access Cam and other standard cameras
  • No need to install anything additional on-site
  • Detect and deter unauthorized access
  • Create a safer work environment
  • Simple and cost-effective

Additional Use Cases for Brivo and Camio Integration: Ensure health-safety for Return to Work

Using both platforms together can enhance health-safety as organizations start reopening facilities and returning to work. For example, automated mask and social distancing detection through Camio’s mask and social distancing detection and contact tracing solutions are great compliments to Brivo’s Facility Safety Features, including Occupancy Tracking, Exposure Attestation, and mobile access. Brivo Access and Camio help organizations provide a safer workplace for employees to return to work with confidence.

It takes only minutes to connect to tailgating detection and other heath-safety solutions.

BRIVO + Camio

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