Wireless Access Control For Your Facilities

Brivo and Allegion have partnered to provide a secure, cost effective and scalable building wireless access control solution by integrating Brivo systems and Schlage NDE wireless locks.

Your Challenges:

  • You are finding it difficult to justify the investment for an access control system due to the high expense of wiring locks and required hardware.
  • You need to secure certain areas like server rooms, managers offices, or even display cases, but the cost is making it difficult for you to justify the expense to secure those additional areas.
  • You need to be 100% sure that your employees are safe and have a work environment that lends itself to productivity.
  • Employee turnover makes it difficult to track who has keys and the cost of rekeying your locks is cutting into your profits.

The Solution:

  • By upgrading to wireless access control utilizing Brivo OnAir and Allegion wireless locks you are able to make a reasonable investment in your security, without having to pay for extensive wiring.
  • You can partition sensitive areas for individualized access to ensure only the right trusted individual can get to those areas.
  • Utilizing access credentials, you are always aware of who is accessing your facility and when at all times, so that your employees are productive and your customers are comfortable.
  • Coupled with mobile credentials, you no longer have to rekey your locks when employees, vendors, or contractors complete their assignments or leave your organization.

Features and Benefits:

  • Low Costs: Cut costs with wireless locks while enhancing the look and feel.
  • Quick Installation: Simple installation, no door modifications needed and minimal wiring required.
  • Easy to Learn: Learn quickly how to manage the system.
  • Simple to Integrate: Easily integrate hard to reach doors into access control system.
  • Easy to Expand: Add as many doors as needed after the initial installation.

Learn more about the Brivo Onair Platform here.