Are You Fully Utilizing The Power Of Access Control For Your Multiple Locations? Or, Is There Room For Improvement?

Growth comes in many forms, some of which may include the expansion of offices or stores in different cities and countries. As a result of office expansion, you have to secure and monitor multiple locations, oversee employees in distant offices, and ensure that your facilities are secure. For example: which offices dispersed all over the world, it’s impossible to personally see if your employees are arriving on time, working a full day, wearing proper business attire, and that all doors are locked and secure.

To tackle these and other challenges you might want to rethink your current access control:

Traditional access control systems (lock-and-key or on-premises electronic access) that are deployed across multiple facilities are not easily integrated so visibility is limited or non-existent.  Also, managing access permissions across these systems often requires hand-entered modifications to rules and permissions. Docusign had a similar challenge with an outdated access control system which added a layer of complexity when managing the day-to-day security of their locations. Docusign, like many other companies, had to physically be present at each location to make modifications to access control rights, to resolve security issues, and to investigate events at each location. As they continued to expand to multiple locations across countries, time zones, and cultures, their localized security systems became unmanageable.

Rethink Your Multi-Site Access Control

Like DocuSign, leveraging cloud access control technology will help you:

  • Secure, administer, monitor and report all activity from all locations
  • Check if doors are locked, remotely from tablet, mobile or PC
  • Lock and unlock all facilities and specific doors on a schedule
  • Streamline the review of access events during investigations
  • Open doors remotely as needed
  • Create custom access schedules for special shifts
  • Create separate facility access levels by employee level or authority
  • Set up alerts for unusual activities
  • Integrate video capabilities for additional security and accountability

All of this is available from for all locations from a single centralized platform.

Read the complete Docusign case study and learn how they improved the operations and security of their multiple locations while keeping costs down.