2018 Top Physical Security Trends

It’s 2018 – are you protecting your facilities with outdated security systems?


Find out where you stand – check out our webinar, Top Physical Security Trends for 2018, to get industry insights into physical security and access control for multi-facility management. Brivo and Security Management Magazine surveyed more than 900 security professionals, illuminating how organizations are coping with limited physical security budgets while facing rising physical security threats. Take a look at some of the key findings:


Cloud-based technology, specific to physical security, is seen as critical to supporting goals and to increasing efficiency.

  • Business leaders consider increasing staff productivity a top benefit of cloud-based access control, accomplished by reducing on-premise server maintenance with the switch to cloud-based solutions
  • Cloud-based technology is perceived as a strategic initiative to support top 2018 physical security goals


Budget and executive buy-in for physical security and access control upgrades remain an issue.

  • 50% of business security leaders felt they lack adequate budget and financial resources to invest in physical security solutions
  • Executive buy-in remains a top barrier to the adoption of new physical security technology


Executive buy-in and budget allocation are always hot topics and can be combated with the right information. Consider the ROI of switching to a cloud-based access control solution. The costs involved in switching to cloud-based access control are far surpassed by the wasted time and inefficiencies related to rigid, outdated, on-premise solutions, and the risks involved with incomprehensive security solutions. Don’t miss our webinar, Top 3 Physical Security Trends for 2018, to learn the latest benchmark data to help gauge how your own organization stacks up. Watch and get actionable guidance for your 2018 security strategy here.