The Evolution Continues: Innovative Ways to Manage Physical Security

No matter how long you have been in the workforce, it is hard to imagine how work got done before the internet, cloud computing, and smartphones. With each passing year technology evolves to bring us faster, easier, and more efficient ways to get things done.

This reality exists in physical security as well. Cloud access control has opened the door to remote management, mobile access, and mobile integration. These terms may seem foreign, but put plainly, they mean safer, smarter, and better security. Just look at Breather, a Canadian born company dedicated to the concept of shared work environments. Be sure to watch our webinar to learn from Breather how using access control in innovative ways can change the way you do business.

For multi-site, multi-tenant facility management in particular, these technological advances can help immensely. Remote management of many sites from one platform means facility managers don’t have to check in on their facilities or be onsite to solve access problems. It also means multi-tenant facility managers can allow tenants to manage their own access through the same platform.

Mobile capabilities take the burden of managing key cards away from facility managers. New  tenants or employees who need access can easily be sent a mobile credential via email. From that point forward, they can use smartphones to enter the facilities or doors they are authorized to access. Facility managers can also administer access and add new members through their mobile app, saving time and eliminating unnecessary tasks.

Mobile integrations allow physical security and access control to occur through an existing mobile application. If a facility uses a mobile application for their tenants, they can simply integrate – via API – their application with a cloud access control solution. This provides the convenience of using a single application to open doors and access premium amenities like a gym.

Companies and security professionals are taking advantage of these new technologies to generate revenue and elevate customer experience. Don’t miss the opportunity to ask the Breather panelists questions. To watch the webinar click here.