Should You Invest in Cloud-Based Access Control?

Many businesses across the country have now adopted cloud-based access control solutions to secure their facilities. Unfortunately, budget restrictions, a lack of understanding of access control benefits, or revenue generating projects take priority. Despite this reality, most are quick to admit that handling keys is a hassle and there is a desire for a deeper look at the true benefits of access control solutions.

A cloud solution provides far more value than a mechanical one, here are three reasons why making the switch makes sense:

Greater Security

  • Secure Credentials – Quickly issued and revoked in the system, unlike keys
  • Electronic Credentials – Provide the encryption and other measures for greater security during use, or if a credential is lost
  • Allow for an Audit Trail – You can see who has accessed which rooms and when

Better Efficiencies

  • Reduce Maintenance Needs – Cloud-based systems manage access control without on-site servers. That means fewer servers, less maintenance, no software licenses, no software updates or patches, no compatibility issues
  • Management Anytime, Anywhere  – You can administer access control for your facilities at any time, from wherever you are – all you need is a computer or mobile device and internet
  • Instant Scalability – If you need to add new doors, a new facility, or several hundred new users, there are no limitations and it’s easy to update

Convenience, Peace of Mind

  • Know What’s Happening – Customize email or text message notifications to alert you instantly whenever a critical access event occurs
  • Go Mobile – Issue Digital Credentials – Mobile Credentials enable users to gain access using their smartphone. Since you don’t have to provide physical credentials, it’s great for vendors and other short-term users (not to mention users who make a habit of forgetting their cards)

Before deciding if you should get a cloud-based access control solution for your business, you need to determine if it’s right for your company’s needs. This means taking certain factors into consideration, such as your budget and the type of business you have. An access control system might help improve your daily operations. Checkout our assessment  – The Simple Truth of Access Control – for a look at the access control choices available to help you determine which solution is best for your business.