Reduce Employee Time Theft Through Centralized Reporting

Time card fraud starts out small and quickly becomes a big problem for your business. If some of your employees add just 30 fraudulent minutes per week, your business could pay tens of thousands of dollars per year for work that was never done.

Access Control Keeps the Honest People Honest

It’s important for employees to know how you manage access control and how you plan to keep the facility secure. If employees see you are trying to control your inventory and better manage time cards and schedules, they are less likely to commit fraud. Creating an environment of accountability with the right access control system reduces employee time theft and improves your business environment overall.

Reduce Time Card Fraud with Cloud-Based Access Control

Check out our infographic to see how much time card fraud affects your business. Brivo customers report a 75% reduction in employee time theft after implementing our security platform. Watch this webinar to learn how a tire distributor reduced employee time theft that once totaled $700K per year.

Centralized database control and reporting with a cloud-based solution lets you know who is onsite and the exact timeframe they were onsite. You can view a daily report to catch potential issues before they become a larger problem for your business. Check out our new infographic on Reducing Employee Time Card Theft.