Physical Security Market Research Survey Results

Physical security continues to transform as cloud technology and IoT solutions infiltrate the industry.

What does this mean for you? It means growth, opportunity, and a more prominent seat at the table.

When your role as a security professional is seen as modern, data-driven, and efficient, and when the solutions you use create a connected building, you become indispensable.

Brivo conducted a market research study with Security Management Magazine to get a feel for the biggest issues physical security professionals are facing.

From their feedback we were able to pinpoint the movements driving the new direction the industry is taking:

  1. A move to the cloud: Cybersecure, easily scalable, cloud is how we consume technology today
  2. A need for mobile integration: Mobility of administering and using the solution as well as mobile data
  3. Data empowerment: Using physical security data to generate insights into organizational effectiveness

Adoption of these once-radical technologies continues to spur faster change.  

We think change is a good thing.

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