Success or Failure? Physical Security Directly Impacts Your Small Business

According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, crime may be a factor in as many as 30% of business failures. Is your business really secure? Are you keeping unauthorized people out of your physical locations?

Let’s review the two common crime situations.

1. An unauthorized person gains access to your building to commit a crime

2. A customer enters your store during business hours and commits a crime.

Those two scenarios come to mind first because they are usually what is publicised. However, most theft happens when employees with access to critical information and inventory start taking what they shouldn’t. In fact, 43% of inventory theft is due to employee theft.

Download our Lock-and-Key vs Access Control infographic to learn more about how they compare.

Traditional access control solutions like lock-and-key leave much to be desired in the way of curbing internal theft. A lock-and-key solution does not keep records of who comes in and out of your building. It also presents a higher security risk as keys can be lost, misplaced or stolen and you would have no knowledge of who is now accessing your location. In addition, lock-and-key options provide you with very limited flexibility as you have to be onsite to lock and open doors.

On the other hand, cloud access control solutions give you the flexibility of securing your doors from anywhere with a mobile device. Modern access control systems provide keyless entry and will allow you to provide access to employees or contractors via a mobile device. With keyless entry you can avoid rekeying your entry doors and can help save you money. In addition, access control systems will let you see who is accessing your building – both authorized and unauthorized people – and get notifications for when doors are left opened.

Check out the Lock-and-Key vs Access Control infographic to see all the ways modern access control helps you secure your business.

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