Moving to the Cloud

You’ve most likely heard the term ‘Cloud.’ Cloud technology stores and accesses data and programs over the internet instead of through a computer’s hard drive. Although you may not know it, you use the cloud daily. Email, social media, Netflix and your smartphone, to name a few, all store and distribute their data via the cloud. Entire industries revolve around and leverage the cloud, including: financial services, enterprise resource planning, e-commerce, logistics and new residential security.

But what is the cloud’s role in commercial physical security? If you are in charge of security for your company, here’s what you need to know to ensure you use the latest technology to keep your building(s) secure.

What’s the Opportunity?

The cloud makes it easier and cost-effective for individuals and companies to access applications, store data, and communicate with other people. Other relevant technological forces, such as mobile, social, big data, AI and IoT are all built on the cloud. If you’re not moving towards a cloud strategy for your physical security, you’re closing yourself off from new technology.

Why Change?

Why change platforms? Why do anything differently now? There’s one reason: better security at a better price. That’s what the cloud offers your business.

What’s at Stake?

If you wait too long to move your physical security to the cloud, you could end up being forced to make the change based on the fact that your outdated technology is simply not supported or maintained any more. Making changes under conditions that are out of your control are never preferable. Your stakeholders expect solutions that are flexible, convenient, and efficient.

When to Adopt?

The time to execute is now. Try looking at the following timeframes for migrating from on-site servers to the cloud:

  • During your next technology refresh cycle
  • While you shop for new security software
  • When you are adding a new facility

We’ve created a Technology Roadmap Toolkit to help you keep up with technological changes and advances in commercial security. Our interactive guide covers additional information about the cloud as well as mobile, IoT, smart data and social media.

Read our interactive guide and follow each step to ensure you use the latest technology to keep your buildings secure. For information and advice click here.