Why Your Business Needs A Commercial Keyless Entry System

When you’re an owner of a business you are responsible for the security of every employee, asset and building space your staff works in. This type of security includes keeping track of your employees’ entry and exit times, changing and/or deleting permissions as necessary, making sure all doors are locked when the business is closed plus handling unexpected security incidents. Managing the commercial keyless entry for a business is difficult to do alone; which is why you should consider hiring a professional security company to install and monitor your system for you.

Keyless entry systems increase security

Commercial keyless entry systems, also known as access control systems, make it easier for business owners to improve the security of their property. There are many benefits to having a professionally managed keyless entry system for your business; including greater security, reduced risks of theft and violence, easier tracking of employees and enhanced protection of sensitive, confidential documents and equipment.

A quality access control system offers business owners complete control over who can and cannot enter a building or specific area of the building. This system requires the use of something more secure than physical keys, as keys can get lost, stolen and are unable to be revoked without physically collecting the key or changing the locks. With an access control system, business owners can issue or deny entry permissions quickly and easily from any device with an internet connection.

Access control systems benefit all businesses

Keyless entry systems can be beneficial to all businesses especially those that have high employee turn-over, medical or pharmaceutical businesses, financial institutions, daycares and multi-residential buildings. A keyless entry system requires absolutely no technological knowledge. A simple flick of the wrist for entry or exit is all the technical background required.

Brivo offers keyless entry systems for businesses both large and small. We offer security solutions for small businesses and businesses with a single location as well as multi-location businesses and enterprises. Our security systems help keep employees, facilities and data secured at all times. We have experience working with a variety of industries including property management, commercial offices, health and wellness, manufacturing, education, retail and technology.

For more information about keyless entry systems, please contact us or watch the video below to learn more about our access control systems.