It’s Time to Add Mobile Credentials Management to Your Portfolio

Mobile credentials are the “It girl” of the access control world at the moment. Customer demand for secure mobile credentials has been doubling every year, and research firm Gartner predicts that 20 percent of organizations will be using mobile credentials in place of keycards within the next year.

Mobile credentials are also a clear boon for integrators. Offering them provides another recurring revenue stream for your business while giving you a way to meet customers’ growing wish to open doors with their phones.

Everything is Going Mobile Access

“Let’s face it: everything is mobile,” says Brivo founder and CEO Steve Van Till. “Talking about how mobile applications will revolutionize security feels a bit like talking about PCs being the next big thing in the year 2000.”

Key cards fall short of mobile credentials in terms of convenience and security. Mobile credentials mean administrators no longer need to store, issue, or revoke key cards. Users are much less likely to leave home without their phones, and phones’ biometrics make unauthorized use of the credentials much more difficult.

But the transition to mobile credentials is not without its challenges. For a more in-depth look at mobile credentials and how to help your customers overcome the obstacles to adopting them, check out Steve’s interview in the May issue of Security Magazine