IP Door Access Control Systems

IP door access control systems continue to gain popularity due to its convenience and efficiency factors. The wireless benefits of Brivo Mobile Pass, that now works with Bluetooth enabled smartphones, includes:

  1. Local to the entry point
  2. No cellular connection needed by the mobile phone
  3. No internet access needed by the panel to allow completion of credential transactions

This is especially helpful in situations where there is poor cellular connection particularly in basements, elevator cabs, or deep interior rooms. With the Brivo embedded Bluetooth enabled radio, the installation does not require a reader. This makes the installation:

  1. Lower cost
  2. Simpler to install
  3. Less prone to reader failure issues

Wireless benefits of IP based access control, or WiFi, include:

  1. Allows for difficult remote installations
  2. Used as an alternate backup connection
  3. Lower installation cost – Eliminates the need to have a technician install and route ethernet cabling

If you’re looking for a more flexible and easy to install security system, go with Brivo IP door access control systems. Learn more about Brivo Access Control here.