Essential Strategies to Improve Your Company’s Physical Security

Improving the security of your company starts at the physical level. Stir your business in the right direction by implementing these five physical security strategies:

1. Consider (or Reconsider) Cloud-Based Access Control

Cloud-based security solutions are being adopted for the same reasons that companies are choosing cloud solutions for other key business systems. Some benefits include less IT, instant scalability, anytime, anywhere management, faster deployment and lower costs. We felt that a unique reason to the security space is that businesses are choosing cloud-based access control because of its maximized security. Unlike other companies, cloud companies invest in high levels of protection and expertise because for them that is the core of their offering. The end result is that their buyers benefit from the additional investment in security.

2. Make Cyber Security Part of Your Physical Security Plan – and Vice-Versa

Virtually every access control solution, involves connections to the Internet. Many Internet-connected devices, including some IP-based security devices, are deployed with weak cyber protections. For that matter, if you have a server controlling your door access, you need to ensure that its frequently checked for any security threats.  

Bottom line: make sure the vendors that provide and maintain your access control system adhere to strong cyber practices. And if you take care of your own in-house solution, double-check that your IT team is keeping your system safe at all times.

Watch our webinar, Five Technological Forces Changing Physical Security to understand why these strategies are important and how they apply to the industry today.