Enabling Smarter Access Control with the Brivo RESTful API

Let’s discuss what the Brivo Application Program Interface (API) can  do for your business—for starters, the Brivo API empowers the cloud-based access control application, Brivo Onair, to do everything from listing activity events to opening a door. But while the Brivo Onair web application was built with end-users in mind, the Brivo API was built for developers and technology partners to extend their reach and reap the assorted benefits of a unified enterprise solution.

By combining data and functionality from disparate pieces of software, businesses can build entirely new products and workflows. At Brivo we use our API not only to power our flagship access control platform, BrivoOnair, but also to create unique and specialized mobile applications. Brivo Onair for iOS and Android uses endpoints from the Brivo API to surface activity, user management, door control and video feeds in a way that is specific to standard native mobile application design. Our digital credential, Brivo Mobile Pass,  takes the same functionality of door control, and puts it in the hands of authorized users—but that’s just for access control.

Developers from different business verticals are finding other ways to use the Brivo API to power their ideas. Here are some other ways of implementing access control functions to create new products:

Access Control Analytics

An integration partner is connecting Splunk data visualization and Brivo site and access information to create powerful business intelligence and analytics tools that showcase the Brivo OnAir account and user activity in a Splunk dashboard.

Coworking Spaces

What if you could login to a co-working application and reserve a room or office? How would that service get you a credential to open the door? The Brivo API can help program that access into your application. Several partners now use the Brivo API to create groups and scheduling logic to fill co-working reservations.

Identity Synchronization

What about syncing user data with a membership or visitor management system to provision access rights? Or showing camera feeds or access events inside a command center? Or opening a door with your smartphone or chat window. These are some of the things you can build into your existing business logic.

What new product or workflow do you want to build? Let the Brivo API open opportunities for your business —register to get started.