3 Ways Your Electronic Access Control System Hurts Business

Does maintaining your company’s software and on-premise servers seem cumbersome? Do you find yourself wasting time granting or revoking access privileges for general business operations? If you’ve explored alternative solutions, budget restrictions most likely played a factor. Here are three ways your current electronic access control system hurts your business, and why a cloud-based security solution actually proves a return on investment. Be sure to calculate your own access control ROI with our brand new calculator.

1. Time

Ask yourself these two questions:

  • How many hours a month do I spend maintaining software and servers that control access to my facilities?
  • How many hours a month do I have to be onsite to grant or revoke access privileges for general business operations?

If the answers are more than 1 hour, your company is losing money on payroll expenses. Instead of taking time onsite to maintain servers and manage individual access, you could be focusing on higher priority projects. Cloud-based access control is a great time-saving solution because the manufacturer maintains the software and servers, freeing up your time and worries for other responsibilities. It also allows you to open doors remotely from anywhere, on any device, at any time.

2. Travel

Ask yourself this question:

  • How many hours a month do I spend at a dedicated computer (and traveling to that computer) to revoke or reinstate access for particular people?

If the answer is more than 1 hour, your company is losing money on incidental expenses. Cloud-based access control allows you to add, remove, and edit users remotely, from any device. Not only does this solution save time, but also money when it comes to travel expenses.

3. Maintenance

Ask yourself this final question:

  • How much time does my IT personnel need to spend on our access control solution?

If the answer is significant, your company is losing money on headcount expenses. When you make the choice to use a cloud-based access control solution, your dealer will help with the setup, installation, and maintenance. Your manufacturer will also provide technical and customer care support when you need it. Make sure to include IT personnel in the decision to transition to the cloud, and they will love you for it. It allows for them to focus on other responsibilities.

If you haven’t gathered already, electronic access control in the cloud helps minimize your business expenses. How much money could you be saving? Calculate your access control ROI.