Let’s Talk About the Cybersecurity of Physical Security

Brivo makes it a priority to deliver simply better physical security that supports the growing responsibilities of IT managers.

Prevent Security Breaches with Proper Cyber Hygiene

While some think of cybersecurity and physical security as separate disciplines, they are highly connected. As companies move to smart, connected buildings the purview of cybersecurity expands to include physical security platforms. That infrastructure including integrated access control and video are important components of IT protocols.

You want to partner with building security manufacturers and service providers that make cybersecurity a priority. Asking about their processes for vulnerability testing and data security audits expose their cyber hygiene and potential risks. Cybersecurity should be central to their business in how they build devices and deploy applications because it’s central to your business to keep people safe.

Find a Solution That Brings It All Together

IT managers face concerns about trade-offs between security, convenience and customer service impact. Avoiding those pain points becomes possible with the right physical security platform. If considering a new system, your IT team can validate the cybersecurity profile of new hardware and work with other teams to add critical devices.

Integration of all physical security components is key to effective management with cross-departmental collaboration and buy-in. By combining access control, mobile, video surveillance, visitor management, credential assignment and elevator security, you will automate, simplify and secure all access points at all times. Finally, your new integrated system can deliver actionable insights to proactively manage your site’s physical security.

Trust in Your Platform’s Reliability and Network Resiliency

It’s a big claim to say a company prepares for new cybersecurity protocols while offering integrations that create a unified security platform. But, Brivo customers see it as a normal policy.

Cumulus Media uses one access control system for more than 300 locations and has zero IT hassles. They get a seamless web-based experience with no glitches or headaches.

3H Technology protected hundreds of employees even during a complicated office relocation plan. Brivo made it easy to add and adjust credentials and prevent unauthorized access. With dedicated Brivo training for building administrators, IT departments don’t have to worry about troubleshooting daily building management tasks.

From scalability and cybersecurity to system integrations, Brivo is a unified security platform that makes your job managing physical security much easier.

To learn more about best practices for a cyber secure building, view our on-demand webinar here.