Cloud-Based Access Control Makes Our Schools Safe

School is a haven for learning and growth. Everyone— students, teachers, and parents alike — should feel safe and secure within those four walls, but events of recent years have taught us that nothing is guaranteed.

From advanced discussions about politics and literature at Virginia Tech to elementary story time readings, there are concerns in the classroom that may have at one time been considered unfathomable.

Lessons learned from the past merge into strategies for security now, and the result is a one-of-a-kind access control solution from Brivo designed to make our schools safer.

Brivo offers a cloud-based identity and access management system that is cost effective and reliable, enables real-time access control of your education facility.

Effective implementation of a cloud-based identity and access management (IAM) system from Brivo can mitigate and prevent incidents that pose a safety risk within our schools.

Cloud-based access control leverages the power of information.

When school safety first became a concern, administrators installed metal detectors; eliminated the use of lockers; and demanded that any backpacks carried be clear, or see-through. The response was as understandable as it was ineffective. Much like the continued request to remove our shoes at the airport, these new safety guidelines required maximum effort while only providing a modicum of added security.

The implementation of a cloud-based access control system renders school administrators to be better equipped to monitor their campus and grounds in a less obtrusive, more organic manner. The information gathered is thus more reliable, and can be better coupled with other data, such as social logins and mobile credentials, to effectively increase safety and security.

Cloud-based access control systems offer high-level collaboration.

Where security-minded personnel once had to wait to gather in one specific location to review video footage, today with a cloud-based access control system on standby, these same personnel can view the feed in real time via their mobile devices. School administrators can compare one day’s feed to the last; additional, optional integrated features allow for the overlay of traffic patterns, in order to monitor behavior on the lookout for suspicious behavior.

Principals, teachers, and security personnel come together to work with these tools to develop solutions that better ensure the safety and security of the physical space—and the people who inhabit it.

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