Advantages of Brivo for Mobile Credentials over Key Cards

Today we access our chats, our credit cards, and our social networks with the convenience and security of our phones. Now you can access physical places too, including your office, gym, and garages. With the rise of mobile credential adoption, key cards are becoming less popular.

Here are 3 benefits of using mobile credentials over key cards and badges:


  • Security admins can issue or revoke credentials from anywhere, anytime
  • Issuing a credential no longer requires setting up and handing out physical cards or fobs
  • For mobile users, the smartphone is their credential; no need to carry a separate card or key fob
  • Mobile credentials can unlock doors remotely (e.g. admins can open doors when they are not on site, and mobile users can open the garage from inside their car)


  • Mobile device security (PIN/fingerprint) can still protect the credential if it is lost/stolen
  • Mobile device credentials cannot be “skimmed” like a card
  • Mobile credentials can use new and advanced security methods that are not available on all physical cards


  • Reduces the need for purchasing and storing physical credentials
  • No physical credentials to replace because of loss or damage

Brivo provides mobile credentials for simpler, secure access in more locations. The benefits of using Brivo Mobile Pass for mobile credentials include:

Issuing Passes

  • Admin emails pass directly to the user’s mobile device for easy setup
  • Mobile users simply tap the link in the email to add their pass
  • Passes can only be redeemed once

Opening Doors

  • Brivo Mobile Pass is a free download on the App Store/Google Play
  • Open doors with the push of a button
  • Access all doors from all sites from the same app
  • Add the widget to Today View (iOS) or Home screen (Android) for even quicker access to the most used doors

Getting Started With Brivo Mobile Pass

  • Compatible with all Brivo readers
  • Brivo Mobile Pass trial with 5 free passes is included with Brivo, so everyone can try it out with no additional purchases

If you’re interested in ridding yourself of key cards and badges and adding Brivo Mobile Pass to improve user experience and efficiency, click here.