Brivo Weighs in on the State of Access Control

Impactful technology challenges the status quo and takes a starkly different approach to solve a common problem. But, adoption of this innovative technology takes time. Something we use every day today- the keyboard/personal computer- took 20 years to reach widespread adoption. That’s pretty hard to imagine now that texting, swipes, gestures, voice, mobile and augmented reality interactions dominate the way we communicate and will influence how we interact with technology in the future.

Fortunately, modern cloud-based access control technology will not take as long as the keyboard/pc for widespread adoption. Cloud-based platforms will become the preferred access control solution. And, that’s not just our opinion. Many other leaders in the access control industry see this growth at both the enterprise and SMB level. There are multiple factors contributing to cloud usage growth within the access control industry. One of the biggest reasons is a focus on preventing cybersecurity threats. Companies want to follow cybersecurity best practices like using a smarter, more secure access control system. Check out this overview to see how Brivo is cyber secure.

SDM Magazine recently published an industry roundup article on the state of access control. We are honored to be included along with other impactful industry leaders asked to weigh in on this growing topic. SDM quoted our President & CEO, Steve Van Till about the rate of cloud-based access control technology acceptance and adoption.

You can read Steve’s comments and the full SDM article here: