BOOK RELEASE: The Five Technological Forces Disrupting Security

Brivo is excited to announce the release of President & CEO, Steve Van Till’s new book: The Five Technological Forces Disrupting Security.  This book explores the major disruptors to the security industry: cloud, social, mobile, big data, and IoT, and provides a high-level perspective on how the industry is changing as a whole. Read the book to get guidance on how to apply these new technologies to create better security solutions and get insight into how this digital disruption might change market dynamics and affect customer choices.

Also, don’t miss Brivo’s on-demand webinar hosted by Van Till. Hear from the author himself discuss how these technological forces are driving digital disruption in the security industry, and what they mean for the future.

Key Takeaways:

  • Explore the five major technological forces driving digital change in commercial security
  • See how to align security strategies with these inevitable changes
  • Understand how security professionals can leverage these changes in their own careers

View the webinar on-demand!