Cloud Access Control for Multiple Locations: The Single Most Important Lesson We’ve Learned from Our Customers

Managing the security of your multiple locations can be time consuming as you are constantly juggling a million tasks at once. Whether it’s re-issuing forgotten access credentials or deploying IT resources to maintain your security systems, there’s never enough time in the day. We understand, which is why we have collected a list of tips, from our own customers, to make the transition to cloud access control more manageable for you. For an inside look, be sure to listen to our podcast featuring Allagash Brewery on their transition from lock and key to cloud access control.

#1 Takeaway: Using cloud access control is a huge time saver, making a security manager’s job easier.

Here are three examples of companies who have transitioned their locations from a lock and key access control to cloud-based access control. As a result, all companies have eliminated unnecessary manual tasks that were draining their resources and derailing them from focusing on their customers.

Allagash Brewery

Application: Brivo Onair and Eagle Eye Networks for 4 buildings

Location: Portland, Maine

The outcome: Increased safety for the different locations and employees and peace of mind for the facility manager.

“The reason for the change from traditional lock and key to Brivo was safety. As we have gotten so much bigger, both in campus size and employees, we need to protect all of our staff, as well as our equipment and finished goods.” Seán Diffley, Plant Engineer

New York Fitness Club Operator – Gym management

Application: Brivo Onair and Eagle Eye Networks for 7 gyms

Location: NYC Metro Area

Read the Customer Story here.

The outcome: This New York fitness club operator experienced decreased member complaints and saw an increase in gym memberships.

“All in all, deploying Brivo Onair and Eagle Eye Networks has allowed us to run our gyms more efficiently and provide additional services to our customers. We are opening another gym next month and we are of course going to deploy Brivo Onair there to integrate that gym into our operations.” Operations Supervisor

Century 21 Action Plus Realty – Real Estate

Application: Brivo Onair and Eagle Eye Networks for 7 locations

Location: New Jersey

The outcome: A nimble system with a smaller cost per user.

“The ability to change when doors are locked on a bad weather day or to remove a repairman’s access to the building when a job was complete was the flexibility we needed. The system is very easy to use and the support is fantastic. I am thrilled with this solution.” President and Owner of Century 21

Although convenience is a key benefit when switching to a cloud access control solution for multiple locations, our customers have many more stories to tell. Curious how your business can benefit from other experiences? Be sure to listen to our podcast featuring Allagash Brewery.

Allagash Brewery and Brivo will discuss how to approach a successful security program for multiple locations. In this podcast, Plant Engineer Seán Diffley, gives valuable advice on how companies should use new technology to improve operations. From wins to pitfalls and building a business case; Allagash provides a unique look into moving from lock and key to cloud access control.