Four Ways Modern Access Control Can Help Multi-Site Facility Managers Simplify Their Jobs

Managing multiple locations is time-consuming and difficult. If your current access control system isn’t supporting your needs, it is time to make a change.

As a multi-site facility manager, it is time to make sure technology is working for you to keep your facilities and people safe, and to make your operations more manageable to boot.

Here are just some of the ways cloud or smart access control make your job easier and more efficient:

Improve the overall quality and management of multi-site facility services: your access control system should offer information like traffic flow and activity patterns, as well as the ability for you to make decisions and execute these actions on multiple devices from anywhere. For example, if you need to issue or revoke access to a specific location, you shouldn’t have to waste time in the car heading over to each site to physically issue/revoke the credential. With cloud access control you have the ability to manage access and monitor activity at your locations from any remote device with an Internet connection.

Reduce operational costs: your access control system should lessen the need for expensive hardware, IT resources for updates, and reduces physical card costs. For example, you are wasting money every time you have to re-issue physical cards for those tenant that lost, misplaced or broke their key card or fob. With cloud-based access control you can utilize mobile credentials to allow tenants to open the doors of secured areas with their smartphones. Mobile credentials can be revoked and issued remotely and then reused each time, so you save money by not needing to purchase additional physical credentials.

Efficient security planning and use of resources: your access control system should make it easy for you to plan ahead based off of intelligent data collection and monitoring. For example, if you begin to monitor the entry flow of tenants and notice that no one is entering a specific area at a certain time—you can then set up system alerts to send you notifications when an activity occurs that does not follow your normal access patterns.

Employee and tenant satisfaction: your access control system should make it more convenient for tenants to enter the premises using a device that suites them, like smart cards, fobs or mobile phones. As a facility manager you are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve the user experience, and with cloud-based access control you not only give tenants options to use physical or mobile access, but you are capitalizing on items they are already have in their bag and use on a daily basis—smartphones have become a routine way for paying for items, showing proof of purchase and now opening the door of a secure building.Is your current access control providing these benefits?

There are a number of different access control systems on the market today, including those that function with codes, voice readers, cards, and biometrics.

If you are thinking about installing an access control system on one of your properties, attend this 30 minute informative webinar: Access Control for Multiple Facilities: Get Multiple Servers or Move to the Cloud? This webinar will examine how an appropriate electronic access control system can streamline your physical security operations at multiple locations.