8 Staggering Statistics: Physical Security Technology Adoption

What are your peers saying about physical security technology and how they are using it?

Find out in our new infographic, 8 Staggering Statistics: Physical Security Adoption.

700 security professionals responded to an annual survey on technology adoption to improve physical security practices. Would it surprise you to learn that 81% of respondents are reliant on mobile applications, while only 25% have adopted mobile credentials to manage security?

This statistic illustrates a disconnect between what we expect from the latest technologies, such as mobile, in our personal lives and what we’ve seen so far in physical security. The security professional that sees the value in mobile technology and integrated solutions will be at the forefront of change for the security industry.

Change for the security organization means connected buildings and smart data that not only drive physical security, but also business decisions. It also means that security professionals’ roles are evolving from building management roles to strategic and cross-functional leadership positions.

To learn more about the rest of the market research statistics and what they mean for your career check out our new infographic.