Brivo Online Access Control Systems provides a secure and open learning environment for students and faculty.

Benefits for Education

Brivo provides cost-effective, reliable and real-time access control of your school, campus and education facilities.

  • School Violence Preparedness

    Emergency response planning and capability are critical for student safety as well as peace of mind for security personnel, administration, staff and parents. Brivo OnAir cloud-based physical access control provides emergency lock-down features along with emergency notifications and integrated video surveillance which is critical during active shooter emergencies.

  • Fine Grain Control

    Control who goes where and when across campus. Maintain an audit trail and easily monitor every student, staff member, visitor and work contractor. Administrators have the ability to set up unlimited, customized schedules which provides flexible accessibility. For example, designate “In Service” days when only staff and faculty have access to control who can and cannot access facilities.

  • Amazing Scalability & Flexibility

    Quickly add or remove facilities, students and faculty. From one console you may easily manage one school, an entire school district or even multiple campuses, and maximize budgets by only paying for exactly what is used.

  • Advanced Supervision

    Receive real-time incident information via email or text notifications. A digital record of each facility’s system activity is updated in real time. Using integrated video surveillance, you can reduce vandalism and theft, and protect intellectual property/research and development. Video surveillance also increases student safety by providing supervision of school grounds.

  • Re-keying, Eliminated

    Immediately revoke cards, key fobs and PINs from faculty, staff and students without the hassle of managing keys and re-keying locks. Simply and cost effectively secure classrooms, dorms, administrative offices, R&D labs and high value storage.

  • Extended Hours Access

    Designate after-hours access to labs, research areas and athletic facilities, eliminating the need for distributing keys or hiring 24/7 security personnel.

  • Eliminate Servers & IT Dependence

    Brivo is a budget-friendly solution for small private schools to large multi-site campuses. By using Brivo cloud-based access control instead of purchasing onsite servers, you eliminate hardware and the need for IT staff to manage your security system.

Product Solution for Education

Brivo OnAir®

Brivo OnAir® is a suite of products comprised of our award-winning cloud platform and a complementary array of on premise physical security control devices.