Five Physical Security Measures Every Company Should Have

December 8, 2016


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A Closer Look at Brivo’s Integrated Power Solution

Earlier this year Brivo announced its partnership with LifeSaftey Power® and showed how installers specifying access control installations can take advantage of a unified enclosure coordinating system power, lock power and access panel hardware with the new Brivo Integrated Power Management System.

A Recap of the Daxko REACH Conference

By Jonathan Polon, Director of Business Development at Brivo

I recently had the opportunity to exhibit on behalf of Brivo at the annual Daxko REACH conference in Birmingham, Alabama. The majority of YMCAs and many JCCs in the United States use Daxko Operations software to run their associations.

Access Control and Security Collaboration in Five Minutes

There is safety in numbers—the military knows it, ships and trucks move in convoys, we know it because when we walk to our car after a night out, we usually stick together and keep a look out.

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