Brivo Labs

Brivo Labs is an Internet of Things business unit of Brivo Systems leading the emerging Social Access Management market. Using social identities, we develop innovative applications that connect virtual communities with physical spaces.

What Does Brivo Do?

Our focus is physical security. Our passion is cloud. When first introduced in 2001, Brivo’s Security as a Service model was a disruptive solution, and after a decade of evolution and innovation, it still is.

Brivo CloudPass

Brivo’s government solutions are dedicated to meeting the physical security needs of federal, state and local governments. Agencies can manage physical access for buildings and other sensitive areas where real-time control and accountability are important.

Welcome to Brivo

What can we do for you? Whether you’re a small business owner looking to secure one facility, an enterprise security executive, or a security technology professional seeking solutions to meet your customers’ needs — we can help.

Products & Solutions

We were the first to bring you cloud-based access control and video solutions. Now, we’re taking security innovation to the next level.

What’s New

What is the Identity Box (IDBox)?

Contextual awareness, sometimes called situational awareness, helps us navigate our environments. We rely on our eyes and ears to assess verbal and nonverbal cues. Based on that assessment, we choose to stay, fight, or flee.

How to use identity to provide improved security

If you’re involved with enterprise security and access control, you tend to view the world a little differently. You enter a space and think, “How could my experience here be improved if I were already known by the space?”

That question arose when Steve Van Till, our CEO, and Lee Odess, our Vice President of Marketing and General Manager of Brivo Labs, went to dinner one evening several months ago.

5 Components of Social Spaces

We define “social spaces” as buildings that can interact with us through our mobile devices or wearables and our social identities. Creating such spaces benefits enterprises; a social workplace or retail space results in more convenient and secure identity and access management (IAM) systems.

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