Friday, June 16th, 2017

What’s your physical security grade? Take the quiz and find out.

By Brivo

Want to know where you stand? Complete the form and find out your physical security grade.

The results of recent market research indicates;61% of facility managers are over confident. Are you one of them? Take the quiz to find out.

Your priorities include running your facility efficiently and protecting your assets and people. You are taking the measures you deem necessary to secure your building and people, but is it enough?

In a recent market survey Brivo conducted, the answers showed that there is a knowledge gap around perceived safety vs. the reality of how vulnerable facilities actually are based on current access control practices. Take a look at these numbers:

61% of facility managers surveyed were NOT worried about physical security


62% of facility managers are using standard key cards/fobs – a technology that can be easily lost, shared, or duplicated.