Cellular Router


No Internet? No problem!

Learn how you can use the Brivo Cellular Router to extend the security and reliability of your cloud-based Brivo OnAir access control solution anywhere in this short video.

Our industrial Cellular Router provides mobile broadband connectivity to take access control anywhere, without requiring a wired Internet connection. It integrates seamlessly with all Brivo controllers

“Now you don’t need a hard-wired Internet connection to take advantage of Brivo’s cost-effective”

cloud-based access control solutions. The Brivo Cellular Router lets you create secure access control anywhere – wherever you need it:

  • Gated communities  
  • Airports
  • Property management
  • Industrial facilities
  • Any location with unreliable network connectivity
  • Or anywhere a separate security network is desired.

It’s also perfect for disaster recovery applications.

The Brivo Cellular Router is a rugged, industrial grade piece of equipment, housed in a sleek and secure metal case. It’s engineered to use 3G cellular connectivity to enable access to the Brivo cloud-based platform as if connected to broadband, with no performance interruptions – making it a cost-effective solution for delivering connectivity wherever broadband is not otherwise available.

The Brivo Cellular Router integrates seamlessly with the building blocks of the Brivo OnAir access control solution, including Brivo IPCD Door Controllers and Brivo ACS5000-E control panels, using optimized Machine to Machine networking.

The Brivo Cellular Router is an all-in-one, plug-and-play unit that’s managed and supported by Brivo, and includes firmware upgrades. It’s simple to install with included mounting brackets. And its compact size makes it ideal for portable applications.

The Brivo Cellular Router is one example of how Brivo delivers Simply Better Security — even where the Internet isn’t.