Brivo OnAir with Video


In this video, you’ll learn how easily your organization can tap into the powerful security and assurance of Brivo OnAir with Online Video Recording – the easy, affordable video solution.

Whether you use Online Video Recording as a dedicated, stand-alone video monitoring capability or as part of a comprehensive Brivo OnAir security solution with access control and alarm functionality, you’ll gain a powerful, flexible asset to monitor and improve your security at your facilities.

With Brivo Online Video Recorder, you stream and record video directly to the Brivo OnAIr cloud storage platform, with just an IP camera connected to the Internet. Brivo has built on this core capability to give you unrivaled flexibility and control in monitoring your facilities.

Control: Our exclusive Timeline feature makes it easy to find and review evidence of incidents or other important events with precise accuracy. Start by selecting the location, date and time of the incident you want to investigate. The Timeline feature then builds a 20-minute timeline of events, including both access control events and recorded video from multiple cameras, color-coded by type. Using the visual timeline display, you can easily grasp the relationship between events, complete with a recorded video record.

Flexibility: Because Brivo Online Video Recorder utilizes our cloud-based platform, you can view both live and recorded video for any of your locations from wherever you are, through your Brivo OnAir account.

You can access and view events from a web browser on a computer, or from your smartphone or other mobile device. Choose from multiple display options for viewing live video, including one-, two-, four- and six-up displays. And you can easily enable authorized members of your team to download and email video clips – and even control doors – from the video management console.

You don’t need any software, servers or other appliances to install or maintain your system. And because backups, archives and upgrades are all performed at Brivo’s redundant data centers, Brivo Online Video Recorder requires minimal attention of support from your IT team.

Learn more about the unmatched security and assurance of Brivo Online Video Recorder. It’s a powerful feeling — and Simply Better Security.