Brivo’s Corporate Headquarters


You can tell a lot about a company by the space it calls home. Is it traditional? Hierarchical? Or more creative?

In this video, you’ll get to look inside the offices that Brivo calls home — and hear from employees ranging from the company president to a Java developer about what makes it special.

As the company that created cloud-based access control and video surveillance solutions delivered through a Software-as-a-Service model, Brivo Systems is an innovator.

But the very success of its breakthrough solutions –  today the Brivo system is the largest in the world, hosting thousands of doors worldwide – has made the company a leader in its industry. And, incidentally, fueled year-over-year growth that required an office expansion beyond the capacity of its old home.  

So which way would its new headquarters lean? Toward the creative innovator, or the established security industry leader?

Here are some answers from Brivo employees:

“When people walk in, we wanted them to think, ‘Wow, this is a place where I would like to work.’”

“My favorite spot is the cafe. it’s kind of a cool place for employees to have lunch at the office, and kind of bond. Having this space here is really neat, to unwind and relax and chill.”

– Java Developer

“For me it’s the open office environment, and not being in offices as much as we used to. I can collaborate more efficiently and effectively with my colleagues.”

– Marketing

“Think of any of the lofts in New York or San Francisco. We’ve really gone back to that kind of design for the office, but we’ve done it with slightly nicer furniture than what you usually have in a start-up. So for me it signifies going back to the creative start-up roots that we have in the company.”  

– Steve Van Till, President and CEO

So there you have it: a creative, collaborative space befitting an industry leader – and the pioneer of Simply Better Security.