Administrator’s Guide to Brivo Mobile Pass


Open secure doors with nothing but a smartphone?

That’s the power and convenience of Brivo Mobile Pass – and as a Brivo OnAir account holder, your account is already credited with five FREE Mobile Passes.

Learn how easy it is to enable users to try out Brivo Mobile Pass in this short how-to video!  

Brivo Mobile Pass is a mobile credential for Brivo OnAir access control solutions. It provides cloud-based access control to individual users through their smartphone or other mobile device.

Once you have enabled Mobile Pass for your system, you can send a Mobile Pass credential to any user or users you choose. Each user activates the credential using the Brivo Mobile Pass App (available in the App Store and Google Play), and can then use their smartphone to access any secured doors that you have enabled for Mobile Pass access.

Here’s how you can get started.

  1. Enable Mobile Pass in your account. Sign in to Brivo OnAir and choose Edit Account Settings. Under General Settings, click Enable Brivo Mobile Pass. From the same screen, you can upload a custom logo for your Mobile Passes.
  2. Enable doors to be opened with Mobile Pass. Choose a door you want to make accessible with Mobile Pass from your View Site menu. Then, from the View Door screen, choose Edit Door. Choose Yes for the Control from Browser option.     
  3. Create a Mobile Pass. Choose a user from the User Directory, then click Credentials, then click the Add button next to Brivo Mobile Pass. A window opens that shows the user’s email address – which you can change – as well as the number of Mobile Passes available in your account. Click the Send button to send the one-time-use activation code to the user’s email address. The window now shows the details of the user’s Mobile Pass.

That’s it! You can always review the details of each Mobile Pass you’ve enabled, see how many remain in your account, or order more from your dealer.

You can also cancel a pending Mobile Pass, or revoke one you’ve issued. A revoked Mobile Pass becomes inactive immediately, and restores a credit for a new Mobile Pass to your account.

So give Mobile Pass a try in your Brivo OnAir system. It’s Simply Better Security!