For Dealers: MDU Dealer Spotlight


In this video, you’ll hear why this New York City-based security system integrator continues to be a satisfied partner and offer Brivo service to their clients.

Three things stand out:

  1. the quality of the Brivo product
  2. the Software-as-a-Service model that generates ongoing revenue
  3. Brivo’s outstanding dealer support

“It is clearly – 100% – a mutually beneficial relationship. That’s all you can ask for.”

Ron TumSuden and Dave Higgins, President and Vice President of MDU Security Systems, have been in business together 2008, and a Brivo dealer since 2012. The company serves commercial and multifamily residential customers in New York City, and now has 11 employees.

When asked why they chose to become a Brivo dealer, Higgins ticks off the reasons.

“You can’t successfully sell unless you believe in what you’re selling,” he says. “We believe in Brivo’s technology.”  Learn how you can begin selling Brivo services and become a partner.

“They are constantly aware of our needs. They’re able to present us with all the material that we need to present to our customer base. They’re organized. Their products are top quality. And when we need to call and get tech support, nobody responds better.”

Brivo’s cloud-based access control technology delivers another important benefit, according to Higgins. “Brivo gives us as integrators the freedom to interface with the systems that are in the buildings from wherever we are. It gives us the ability to respond to our clients’ needs almost immediately.”

The company’s customers are also fans of the anywhere-anytime access that Brivo’s cloud-based technology enables. “They love the fact that they can interface and interact with their system from wherever they are. That kind of accessibility, remotely, that is so easily achieved with Brivo is unprecedented.”

TumSuden cites Brivo’s Software-as-a-Service model as another significant benefit. “The whole idea of the hosting is being able to provide your customer with an additional benefit. But at the same time, we’re also able to charge for it. Rather than just selling the hardware, we’re selling a service.

“As we bring in more and more buildings, more and more doors,” TumSuden continues, “we’re able to earn more revenue from that stream. Every day can only get better.”

Higgins concludes, “There is nothing more gratifying than building our business. Chasing our dreams. And it’s only getting better. It’s gotten better year over year over year, and it continues to do that.

“To say that I love what I do would be an understatement.”  

Find out how you can build your business – with Simply Better Security from Brivo.

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