For Dealers: Customer Testimonials


In this short video, hear seven different dealers – in their own words – explain why they’re thrilled to represent Brivo.

You’ll hear them describe how Brivo’s award-winning cloud-based access control and video surveillance solutions add value to their businesses and strengthen their customer relationships. The key is in the cloud!  

A number of Brivo dealers, interviewed at the 2016 ISC West, talked about why they’re happy to represent Brivo:

  1. Brivo products;
  2. The way Brivo helps build customer relationships;
  3. The way Brivo creates recurring revenue.

About Brivo’s award-winning cloud-based solutions:

“We love the product; it’s very easy to sell,” Karen Goldsworth, Straus Security Solutions.

“The customers love it. We love it. We can sell it better because it’s so great,”  Ron Tumsuden, MDU Security Systems.

“The technicians love installing it. It’s so easy, versus our older product. Our guys actually came in and said, ‘Man keep selling that,’” Terri Annis, Techmark Corporation.

About stronger customer relationships through Brivo’s Software-as-a-Service model:

“It requires you to have regular contact with your customer, and you have the opportunity to earn their business regularly,” Reuben Orr, Security Install Solutions.

“Customers are always looking for something better, so if you can bring your customers new technology, better things, then you’ll be ahead of the pack,” Ron Tumsuden, MDU Security Systems.

About recurring revenues through Brivo’s Software-as-a-Service model:

“The traditional systems integrator contract model, it’s up and down and ebbs and flows. Big job, then the big job goes away. Whereas if you have a recurring model, it stabilizes the cash flow and adds value to your company; it quadruples the exit value of your company. These are the products that allow me to do that,” Bill Bozeman, PSA Security Network.

“It’s about building a product for us to take to our customers and create better recurring revenue for our business. The most important part of recurring revenue is that it keeps occurring, that it takes care of things when sales might be down. We know we always have that recurring revenue coming in,” Terri Annis, Techmark Corporation.

“My favorite thing about recurring revenue is that it’s recurring,” Ron Tumsuden, MDU Security Systems.

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