For Dealers: Build Enterprise Value


This video provides a quick overview of how a partnership with Brivo creates real value for current and prospective dealers. Current dealers will discover why now is the time to deepen their relationship with Brivo, and prospective leaders will learn why – and how – to get started.

Brivo’s award-winning cloud-based solutions are delivering real value to dealers like you. A partnership with Brivo can help you grow your customer base and increase customer satisfaction.

“I’m excited about the success that our committed dealers are having,” says Bill Yesnick, vice president of sales for Brivo Systems, in this short video. “Our most successful dealers have embraced the Software-as-a-Service model, and it’s growing their businesses, and creating real equity.”   

Brivo’s SaaS platform has been proven to reduce costs while helping hundreds of organizations manage physical security since it was introduced in 2001. With virtually unlimited capacity, it is scalable on demand and delivers exceptional flexibility.

“Our dealers are delivering systems that meet their customers’ needs and wants, and that are  simple to deploy and easy to use – all of which helps them build strong, long-term relationships with their customers,” continues Yesnick.  

“That’s why our dealers have seen an increase in their pipeline, with more customers coming on board. They see their business growing more profitably, on a more sustained, long-term basis.”

For current dealers, now is the time to become more engaged with Brivo Systems. The company has introduced new dealer programs and initiatives you may not be aware of.

“We’d love to sit down with you and discuss those programs and how they might impact your business in a positive way,” Yesnick says.

And his advice for prospective dealers?

“Just contact us. We’ll help you jump ahead of your competition.”

Because only Brivo dealers can offer their customers Simply Better Security.

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