Brivo Mobile Pass Provides Mobile Access Control


See how Brivo Mobile Pass works with Brivo Onair to deliver a new level of convenience, simplicity, security and reliability with a phone.


Want to know how to open secure doors with a smartphone?

This video has the answers about Brivo Mobile Pass a feature available with the Brivo Onair cloud-based solution for secure access control. You’ll see how Brivo Mobile Pass works with Brivo Onair to deliver a new level of convenience and simplicity to users and administrators alike – all without compromising the security and reliability you count on. It’s so simple to use that we can explain it in less than two minutes — without a word of narration!

Brivo Mobile Pass is a mobile credential that provides cloud-based access control to all your users through their smartphone or other mobile device.

Brivo Mobile Pass eliminates the need for physical cards, so you won’t have to deal with users calling in because they’ve forgotten their cards (or worse, lost them). It also eliminates the need for card readers at your secured doors and other barriers, which saves you money and hassle.

What’s more, because Brivo Mobile Pass can work with multiple Onair accounts, users don’t have any need to carry separate, multiples forms of credentials to access multiple locations — even parking access controlled by Brivo Onair!  

For administrators, Brivo Mobile Pass is easy to use. It’s simple for your team to add access to new users – or to change their access privileges. And it’s just as simple to securely revoke access as well. Finally, Brivo Mobile Pass doesn’t require any new hardware.

Here’s how Brivo Mobile Pass works: As a Brivo Onair administrator, you create and email a Brivo Mobile Pass to each user, all within the Brivo Onair Platform.

Users then download the Brivo Mobile Pass App from the App Store or Google Play, and add the pass from their email.

That’s it! Your users are ready to open doors with their smartphone and the Brivo Mobile Pass App.

Wondering about security? Don’t. Brivo Mobile Pass is as secure as your users’ smartphones, protected by PIN code or biometric security. It can’t be used unless the phone is unlocked. And each passcode you send is a one-time-use activation code, so each pass can only exist on one phone – unique to each user. Users connect through a cellular or wifi network for mobile device communication: device to cloud to door.

Discover a new level of convenience: open doors with Brivo Mobile Pass. Now that is simply better security! Real Outcomes Delivered

“In the past, I constantly lost my resident card because it was an extra card to carry or misplace, but now I rarely run into that situation.”

Mike, Resident At Lifestyle Communities


  • There are plenty of risks to starting and operating a small business—learn why physical security doesn’t have to be one

  • Discover how migrating to a cloud-based access control system or, better yet, a complete security platform can increase

  • See for yourself how easy it is to manage your access control system at all your facilities from anywhere and at anytime


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