A Look At How Brivo Started A Cloud Revolution


This whiteboard video explains why Brivo’s innovation in harnessing the power of the internet and cloud-based computing is such a big deal.


This video provides an entertaining and revealing look at how Brivo’s cloud-based access control and video surveillance solutions have truly ushered in a new era of security.   

Plus, you’ll get a quick and invaluable look at how Brivo’s cloud solutions actually work to deliver Simply Better Security – with more flexibility, lower costs, and significantly greater simplicity for your company and for you.

This creative whiteboard video explains why Brivo’s innovation in harnessing the power of the Internet and cloud-based computing is such a big deal in security and access control.

Like the public power grid, Brivo has created a service that is shared among a wider community, scales to your every need, and only charges you for what you use.

Brivo’s high-security data centers deliver massive computer power, connected to your company by the Internet to power your access control and video surveillance.

You have no servers to buy, configure and maintain. Instead, the card readers at each door link to a simple plug-and-play intelligent controller that manages communications with Brivo’s high-security data center over encrypted Internet connections.

And you can manage it all from anywhere, using a PC or a smartphone to access your private online dashboard.

What does all this mean for you and your company?

Lower costs. No servers to buy or install. And server costs add up: Studies show that the upfront cost of a server is only about 15% of the total cost of ownership.

Greater flexibility. You can drop an intelligent controller anywhere in the world, and have it communicating, configured and controlling your facility in a matter of hours.

Unlimited scalability. The Brivo system is the largest in the world, hosting thousands of doors worldwide.

Reliable security. The Brivo system is hosted in high-security data centers utilizing encrypted communications, threat monitoring, built-in redundancy with disaster recovery centers located over a thousand miles away.

Simplicity for managers. Joe in Syracuse left his key card at home at 2:00 am? Just use your tablet to open a backdoor. Video surveillance check during your kid’s softball game? Just use your smartphone.

A new era of security really has arrived – and it’s time you joined the revolution.

Brivo cloud security. Simply Better Security.  


  • There are plenty of risks to starting and operating a small business—learn why physical security doesn’t have to be one

  • Discover how migrating to a cloud-based access control system or, better yet, a complete security platform can increase

  • See for yourself how easy it is to manage your access control system at all your facilities from anywhere and at anytime


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