How To: Create A Group With Brivo Onair


Learn how to create a group of users for your Brivo Onair access control solution using any web browser on any computer.


Brivo Onair, the cloud-based access control solution, is easy to administer using any web browser on any computer. The interface is intuitive and easy to use.

In this short video, you’ll learn how to create a group for your Brivo Onair system.

With Brivo Onair, our cloud-based platform takes care of the heavy lifting for your access control system—and you can access and administer it from anywhere, using any computer with a web browser. Our intuitive interface is designed to make your work as a system administrator as straightforward and simple as possible.  

Here’s how to create a group of users for your Brivo Onair access control solution:

  1. After you’ve successfully logged in to your Brivo Onair account, hover your mouse over the Users tab in the top menu bar, then select New Group in the drop-down menu that appears.
  2. On the New Group page, enter the Group Name in the text entry box, then click the Save Group button.
  3. Since you haven’t assigned any privileges to your new group yet, the Edit Group page will not list any doors.
  4. To see a list of doors, click on the drop-down labeled Current Privileges, then select a specific site or all sites. If you choose All Sites, you will be able to view all doors in your Brivo Onair account.
  5. Door privileges are turned on for your new group by selecting a schedule for any doors you want to provide access to.
  6. When you have selected a schedule for all the doors your group needs to access, click the Save Group button.  In the View Schedule page, click on the Edit Schedule tab.

That’s it! Now only those doors with assigned schedules will be displayed—exactly what you’d expect with Simply Better Security from Brivo Onair.


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