ClubReady Gets Integrated Solution


This software creator is all about simplifying membership management, so it’s no wonder that they chose Brivo web-based access control.


In this video, you’ll learn why Brivo was selected as the access control partner and provider for integration with ClubReady, a leading club management software solution.

ClubReady founder Brad Denton identifies Brivo’s breakthrough cloud-based technology as the core reason his company sought out Brivo for integration with its solution – and they’ve never looked back!

ClubReady, the creator of a market-leading management software solution for health and fitness clubs, is all about simplifying the complexities of membership management.

“I would say the biggest thing we preach here is making complicated things simple, which is very complicated in itself,” says company co-founder Brad Denton. “People are used to iPhones and other user interfaces that create a good experience, and we really embed that in everything we do.”

Consequently, in 2012, when ClubReady was looking for an access-control solution to integrate with their management software package, they sought out a provider who was similarly committed to simplifying the complexities of multi-facility access control.

They found Brivo.

“First, we’re a 100% web-based solution, so we needed a web-based access control system,” explains Denton. “Brivo invented cloud-based access control.”

“Second, we needed a partner with open technology, so the two platforms can communicate with each other over a standard, open interface,” Denton continues.

Why is that important? “The biggest benefit of that is real-time updates. If you make a change in ClubReady, that change is instantaneously reported to the Brivo access control system.”

With real-time updates, when a ClubReady customer terminates a membership in their club management software, the members’ access privileges are instantaneously terminated in the Brivo access control system as well – a vital security consideration for ClubReady customers.

In fact, ClubReady customers are one more reason – ultimately, the most important reason – that the partnership has blossomed.

“We’re constantly working together to improve our continuing relationship,” Denton says. “Our customers are asking for more things when it comes to this integration, and Brivo’s always been there to make sure we can attend to our customers.”

Just one more reason why solutions from Brivo are Simply Better Security.


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